Sunday, March 11, 2012

Looking out my back door

This Seagull knows we are headed out.

We are West bound towards Palo Pinto Country

Prickly Pear along the way..
We are somewhere out there. Nice hillside!

Lookin out my back door!

My Back Door

Someones back door

Sinclair Station?
Regular or Ethyl

Texaco  service station  maybe

Kestrel escort through the Texas countryside.

Back door at Jack's place.

Jack was happy and quite vocal to see us drive up.
Maybe a Phillips 66
Notice in the front awning there are to white spots above a single white spot.
They are part of the old wiring technique or standard called 'knob and tube'.
In the 1970s, We rewired houses and businesses that had this type of wiring as a side job to pay for photo equipment .