Saturday, January 24, 2009

Buffalo Gap, Texas, that is.

Shrike ... firm grip.

Young Roadrunner...He ain't sure where he is.

Residents only 'Gated community'

Closed for Business
Rock Collector

Termite trading Post

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here are some of the images from last year. Th' Lone Star trips to, through and around , Round Rock, Art, Mason, San Saba, Cherokee Tx and point East-South-Southwest.
Other stories that I didn't write.

Enchanted Rock. With stuck boulder...

Hair ball..

Howdy Pard!
Welcome to Texas.. (nice hair doo)

More, Horny Toad buffet.

Horny Toads will be the

focus this Summer....

Shhh I jus' got him to sleep.

Hello Sue, I'll take two bags of peanut brittle and a Coke..

Don't see many of these any more.

The Red Ant.

Horny Toad food....

Sun Flower

Quiet neighborhood

104deg. in th' shade.

How hot is it?

What can I say?
Rocks, Rattlesnakes,
Scorpions, Horny Toads,
Prickly Pear Cactus,
Monking Birds, Scissortail fly-catchers,
Mesquite trees, Blue Skies.....
Hey, It looks like,
God put all the good stuff in Texas.

Really nice house a few years ago.. Just before
they moved out.

Gotta wonder about the other shoe...
How would you fit spurs ?
Notice the mud and snow tread.

Don't look at the camera....It will steal your soul.

Near San Saba TX

Stove at Art School house . Nolan used to cut wood for this stove .

Nolan Donop .

Nolan Donop when he was innocent.

Art school house, Art TX

Art School Teachers at Art TX. (just a few)

Don't Blink

North of ART TX.

I guess I like bridges.

Out Here.
there are the 'Sounds of Silence'
Simon & Garfunkel eat your heart out.

The grass rustles when the West wind blows.
The Mesquite trees bear silent tribute to the
cattle drives from Mexico.

cars on the farm to market , the hissing of
the rubber to th' asphalt.(releassse me, hsss releassse me)

In the distant, bawl of a cow to it's calf.
Just before.............
sound erupts for the day, you hear the
leather creak from a saddle when it is first

The old dog scratching.

Locust tree spines scrapping on the
side of the line shack.

As the first breeze of the day arrives,
there is a moan from the windmill as
the blades start to turn.

July 4th as it should be...