Monday, October 17, 2011

Night Photography Workshop in Benjamin, Texas with Wyman Meinzer

From Knox County Texas a Memorial to those who Served. May their sacrifice not be forgotten. Their families will always remember, so should we. 

Where I was inmate for a night. As a matter of written history, I was inmate #32.  A very enjoyable night I might add. This jail stands,  thanks to the efforts of Wyman Meizner. Wyman gave us the silver dollar tour.   If you enjoy photography, wildlife and history take a look at his website.  He has authored several books and articles.  Take it from me. Wyman is a very unique excellent photographer, writer, and orator.
City of Benjamin, Texas water tower in the star light. The stars are always brighter deep in the heart of Texas.

Photo ops like this don't happen everyday so I took advantage.

South Bound and down
These Geese are usually a precursor to a substantial change in weather. They have been passing through since Saturday night while we were painting the Church.


This Kestrel was playing hard to get. I think I wore him out. He flew several times just out of range of the 70~200mm. He stayed on the high wire for a ways, finally giving in, then I couldn't get him to  fly up or fluff his feathers

Here is the Church that we painted. Note the stars and the streak left by the air craft passing overhead. Thanks Wyman for an informative and enjoyable evening.